They are located in the building named "L'Armada", in honour of the great and majestic event that gathers every 4 to 6 years in Rouen, the largest and most beautiful sailing ships in the world. Named in honour of marine sails, spacious and comfortable, they offer you a complete equipment (desk, minibar, flat screen television, telephone, free Wi-Fi) to bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Our "Classic" Rooms

Brigantine Room

Named after a small trapezoidal sail on the foremast, this room has bright blue-grey tones. It has a double bed and a bathroom with shower. It has a beautiful view of the hotel's garden.

Fortune Room

Spacious and bright, the Fortune room offers a very oceanic atmosphere with its pretty shades of blue and its patinated furniture. With its name of a sailing ship, it will let you sail peacefully towards your most beautiful dreams. It has a large bed that can be separated into two single beds, as you wish, and offers a pleasant view of the hotel's garden. The bathroom has a very comfortable bathtub.

Sails of Liberty Room

The Voiles de la Liberté room offers a relaxing atmosphere with its soft colours and beautiful cherry wood furniture. Its name pays tribute to the first edition of the Armada, celebrating the bicentenary of the French Revolution. For your well-being, its bathroom is equipped with a bathtub with massaging jets and many accessories: hair dryer, magnifying mirror, welcome products.

Trinquette Room

The Trinquette room offers beautiful beige and orange shades to lull you to sleep. Named after a triangular shaped sail at the front of a boat, it has a large bed that can be separated into two single beds, as you wish. In the adjoining bathroom, the bathtub will allow you to relax after a long day.